Software packages are used globally for small, medium and large businesses.

For complete accounting software packages and business management software packages that are flexible and feature-rich, look no further than Sage Pastel. All of our solutions are tailored to suit any business type or size, so as a small, medium or large business, you will find a software solution that meets your needs. The range is user-friendly and scalable, and includes:

My Business

A business software solution that is used to manage customers, suppliers, income, expenses, item costs and bank accounts.


Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up

Is the ideal accounting software package for small businesses with a single user.

Sage Pastel Xpress

The ultimate accounting software package for small businesses that have 1-3 users.


Sage Pastel Partner

Is a multi-company, multi-currency accounting software solution, with business-specific add-on modules, catering for 1-20 users.


Sage Evolution

Is an integrated ERP software solution and management tool which provides comprehensive functionality and add-on modules to manage all aspects of your business.



With such a comprehensive range of software packages available, you have the freedom to grow your business.